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Bunsen Burner
Bunsen Burner We are Manufacturers and Exporters of Bunsen Burners

Balances & Weights
Balances & Weights Balance Direct Reading
[1005] COMPRESSION BALANCE Plastic case, slopping front, detachable rigid plastic load pan, krumbbled zero adjusting control. Capacity 1Kg. x 5Gm 2Kg. x 10Gm,5Kg x 25Gm,10Kg x 50Gm, Household Weighing Scale
A highly accurate and sensitive scale, exclusive durable ultra modern shape. Wide view dial, large scoop pan, anti rust coated parts. Capacity 5Kg x 25gms.

Barometers Barometer Fortins [1015] (precision Form) this is An Instrument for Making Precise Barometric Pressure Correction in Laboratory Operation. It is also Used in Weather Observations, Factories, Mines and Power Plants.
the Mercury Cistern is Constructed On the Fortin Principle Adjustable to Zero, with Zero Indicated By Ivory Point in the Cistern. the Glass Barometer Tube is Carefully Made and Annealed and Mounted in Brass Metal Casting. the Metric and English System Scales Read from 25? to 32? and from 640 to 810 Millimeter with Vernier Reading to 1/100 Inch and to 1/10 Millimeter.
the Mercury Level is Adjusted By Means of Knurled Screw Mounted At the Bottom of the Casting. When the Knurled Screw is Turned all the Way Into the Casting, Mercury Fills the Entire System and the Tube Accepts for a Very Small Volume to Allow for Thermal Expansion. the Barometer Tube and Scale Covering Glass are Made from Corning Glass. the Barometer is Mounted On a Polished Wooden Board Fitted with Metal Thermometer. Supplied Without Mercury. A. Barometer Tube (borosil Glass) made of Heavy Wall Corning Glass Capillary Tube with Ivory Point, Suitable for Fortin Barometer of Cat. No. 1015. Dimension of the Tube of 34? in Length and 8 to 9mm in Diameter. B. Deluxe Model 10mm Borosil Glass Tube C. Spare Leather Bag Suitable for Above Barometers of Cat. No. 1015

High Tech Optical Instrument
High Tech Optical Instrument Constant Deviation Spectrograph[1304] for direct reading for visible wavelength of spectrum, special series, emission spectra of elements, Absorption spectra of compounds, fluriscence spectra, Band Spetra, Zeman effect and determination of E/M, Deflection of traces of metallic elements, Raman spectra of liquids polarisation, studies, unknown substances analysis. The instrument has heavy pillar for mounting collimator/telescope prism housing. Prism table properly housed rotatable Callibrated wave ength drum reflective index 1.661.74 Achromatic high resolution lensesin Telescope and collimator with rack and pinion eye piece with Micrometer L.C. 0.01cm.

Laboratory Fittings
Laboratory Fittings Optical Bench Double Bar 1 meter[1172] A. 4 riders, 2 slow motions, lens holders, pins 1 MT B. Superior quality C. One rod covered with brass graduated pipe D. 150cm long P-172A type. E. 150cm one rod with brass graduated pipe F. 150cm both rod covered with brass pipe.

Optical Instrument
Optical Instrument Millicions Oil Drop App. set[1133]. A Microscope lamp house, automizer power supply very easy to set complete setup with manual B. SV Lamp 35W + Transformer + Box set.

Magnetism & Electromagnetism
Magnetism & Electromagnetism We are Manufacturers and Exporters of Dip Circle brass college type[1064]

Galvanometers We are Manufacturers and Exporters of Meters & Galvanometers[1157] 2 Ua Sens.

Potentiometers Bridge Anderson
[1016] anderson Bridge for Self-inductance this Bridge Method is More Complicated Than Those Which have Been Described So Far. the Bridge Has Got Following Main Features :
p = Non-inductive Resistance of 1000 Ohms. q = Non-inductive Resistance of 1000 Ohms. r = Non-inductive Resistance of 1000 Ohms. s = a Variable Non-inductive Resistance in the Form of 3-decades of 10 X 1, 10 X 10 and 10 X 100 Ohms. this Resistance also Includes the Resistance of Self-inductance L Which is also Connected in the Same Arm. m = a Non-inductive Variable Resistance of 3 Decades of 10 X10, 10 X 100 and 10 X 1000 Ohms. c = a Standard Capacitance Provided in the Bridge in the Form of a Single Decade of 10 X 0.01 Mfd. An Audio Frequency Oscillator of 1 Kc/s and a Variable Output of 10 Volts is Used as a Source of Supply.
a Pair of Headphone of Good Sensitivity is Used as a Detector in the Bridge Network.

Research Optical Instruments
Research Optical Instruments We are Manufacturers and Exporters of Research Optical Instruments optical Polorising Kit for Laser[1324]

Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus
Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus for Qualitative and Quantitative Study of the Electrolytic Decomposition of Electrolytes such as Water, Hydrochloric Acid Etc. Consists of Two Vertical 50ml, Gas-collecting, Graduated Glass Tubes with Stopcocks At Top and Joined By a Bridging Tube to a Reservoir and Fitted with a Pair of Platinum Electrodes At the Lower Ends of the Glass Tubes. a Lead Wire Connecting the Platinum Electrode Passes Through the Glass Tube for External Connections, So that Only the Platinum Electrode Comes in Contact with the Electrolyte. Packed in a Styrofoam Case. Mounted On a Cast Iron Stand Designed for Safe Clamping. Requires a 6v Battery or Low Voltage D.c. Power Supply for Operation. Spare Glass Parts Only. Without Metal Stand.

Induction Coil
Induction Coil We are Manufacturers and Exporters of Induction Coil for More Details Please Click On the Above Link.

Electroscope Electroscope Pith Ball Type for Demonstrating the Attraction and Repulsion of Electric Charges. Consists of a An Insulated Brass Pillar and Hook On a Base. Supplied with Two Colored Pith Balls with Strings Attached. Cat. No.

Carbon Electrodes
Carbon Electrodes Electrode Pair, Carbon, Spare [carbon Elect] for Use with Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus Described Above. Size (l X D), 100 X 5mm. Inserted in a Rubber Stopper with Insulated Lead Wire.

Terminals & Resistance Wires
Terminals & Resistance Wires We are Manufacturers and Exporters of Terminals & Resistance Wires banana Plug/crocodial Clips[1034] Terminal & Screw.

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